How To Plan for The Happy House Move

Let’s face it, no-one likes waiting in all day to receive a parcel that never arrives. We’ve all been there…

You’ve arranged to work from home so you can accept delivery. Worse still, you’ve taken a day off work.

Whilst our packing materials nearly always arrive the next working day, some do occasionally take a little longer, which is why we’re careful not to guarantee next day delivery.

In fact Boxes for Moving Home actively encourages customers to allow a little extra time for delivery so any issue can be resolved without adding to the inherent strains of moving home.

So why do our PERFECT SIZE PACKING BOXES sometimes get delayed?

Well, it’s important first to remember it doesn’t happen to everyone. Although that will be little consolation to anyone reading this post to whom it has just happened!

Secondly, it might be helpful to know the steps involved to get our packing boxes from us to you…

Step 1

Provided we receive your order before 1pm, it’s instantly passed on to the warehouse to be picked and packed.

Step 2

Later in the day, once the courier collects the trailer with your order on, you receive an email to confirm it’s on its way.

Step 3

You order (along with many others) now weaves its way through the evening traffic to the courier’s central hub.

Step 4

At the courier’s central hub, your order is sorted on to another trailer that will make its way during the night to one of the courier’s other depots local to you.

Step 5

At the local depot, your order is sorted on to the small transit van that ultimately delivers it to your door.

Bearing in mind the steps above, even if we assume the traffic’s light and the weather is fair, it should be possible to work out why some parcels get delayed.

The Human Element

Whilst couriers drive to improve efficiencies with technology, there is still a human element. Whilst this human element still exists, there will always be room for error.

Now most parcels passing through the courier’s network are small, easy to sort and whizz their way across the automated belts with minimum human involvement. Our parcels, though, are deemed awkward and have to be a manually sorted. Can you guess where I’m going with this?

So who’s to blame? Sadly we’re all to blame. After all, no-one’s perfect!

Please expect and accept the occasional parcel can be delayed and we will continue to do all we can to keep them to a minimum.

On a separate note, self driving trucks with flat tyres will still need repairing but that’s a whole new post…