Why We Use Feefo

Posted on May 21 2018

As the landscape online becomes more and more competitive, it becomes harder and harder to differentiate one service from another.

This increase in choice leads to a reduction in price as we all fight for market share.

It also makes it harder for the consumer to settle on the right decision.

Gold Trusted Service 

So how do you know whether you can trust a site to honour its commitment to deliver quality removal boxes and back it up with a first class customer service? Quite simply you can't unless you're able to trust in previous customers' experiences with the business.

Independent review sites offer a safe haven for reputable businesses that care about their customer's experience, detaching them from the 'burn & churn' enterprises that appear too good to be true.

There's a reason why you're required to provide references when you apply for a job. There's also a reason why the world has little sympathy for an individual that pays cash to a builder that disappears before the job is done!

Be safe not sorry. Read our independent customer reviews before buying your boxes for moving home online.


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