House Moving Kits

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Items below can be purchased individually if you prefer to Build Your Own kit. These kits work out cheaper though and once you have one in your basket everything's discounted. Try it. That's why we only include essential items, leaving YOU to add in whatever else you might need. Prices below include delivery & VAT.

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"Really good strong boxes, well made and square, glued well unlike others I bought.
They were delivered very quickly, even to Cornwall."


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Our kits include four different sizes.

It's extremely unlikely that one size box will do every job for you. For example, you will certainly need a smaller box to pack up your kitchen than you will want to pack up your linen. If you packed your kitchen stuff up in the Linen Box, you would struggle to pick it up once it’s full and, even if you were able to pick it up, chances are its contents would fall through the bottom whilst you carried it to the van!

For similar reasons we only include strong double wall boxes in both these kits and our Box Packs. Please beware of sites that dazzle you with lots of boxes for not much money, and be suspicious if they're not so forthcoming with their size and strength!