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Strong removal boxes for moving home.

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Not only do we provide great value boxes and other essential packing materials you'll need to move house, but we also wrap everything up in a first class customer service.

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Communication is key

Communication is key Whilst you will never completely eradicate the stresses and strains associated with moving home, you can reduce the burden enormously by employing the services of a removal company. For those who can afford it, the whole experience is almost bearable if you can get people to do the packing for you, as well as transport it all to your new home. The vast majority of us, however, will be left with two options: hire a van and do the move, if you´re lucky, with the help of a few friends, or, pack everything up yourself so it´s ready for a removal firm to transport to your new home. Whatever you decide you´ll need to get your hands on some strong and reliable removal boxes, plenty of bubble wrap and lots of packing paper.

But the boxes will never be free!

A moving company will almost certainly offer to supply the boxes. Often they will include it in the price. If you can, get a price with and without the boxes. They may then say that they are free; they are not and, more importantly, they will probably only drop them off a couple of days before and then want them back immediately after the move when you would prefer to unpack at your own pace. Besides, the ones they provide have often been used before and may not be up to the job. Better to be safe rather than sorry. We supply brand new sturdy packing boxes and other essential materials for both removal companies and the individual to use when moving house and we now deliver to thousands of customers all over the country every month. But the boxes will never be free!

So it's better to be safe rather than sorry

So it's better to be safe rather than sorry Our philosophy is to introduce you to good quality but great value moving boxes, served up and delivered to you through an integrated business system and first class customer service. Whilst the content on the site has been built up over time and should be relevant and helpful, we are always looking to add to it, as well as improve its design and navigation. We therefore positively encourage our customers to communicate their thoughts all the time, whether they be critical or complimentary! For the best deals, begin your basket with a Moving Kit or Box Pack and then you can add in anything else you might need at a heavily discounted price!

Place your trust in us

All our packing supplies are stored at a warehouse in Milton Keynes. As soon as you have completed your order on our website you should receive an email confirmation almost immediately. At the same time you receive this email, its details are electronically transferred to this warehouse where a packing note is printed off along with its associated despatch label(s). Once your order has been picked, packed and labeled, it is loaded on to a trailer left by the courier the previous evening. At this point you should receive another email to confirm that your order has been despatched. This email contains the courier’s parcel number(s) and allows you to track and trace your order whilst it is in transit. Then later on in the day the courier company returns to collect the full trailer and leave another empty trailer. Place your trust in us

We work whilst you're asleep

We work whilst you're asleep The trailer with your packing materials on it are now on their way to the courier’s central hub where they are unloaded, along with hundreds of other trailers, to be redistributed on to new trailers before setting off through the night to arrive at various local hubs all over the country the following morning. On arrival at the courier’s depot local to you, the trailer is unloaded once more and redistributed on to the small van that turns up at your doorstep during the day. Nearly every time, provided you have placed the order on the website before 3pm, your order turns up the following working day. On the odd occasion, however, parcels do get delayed so we recommend that you order early and leave plenty of time for delivery.

So you can start packing sooner rather than later!

Once your moving boxes have arrived, in order to make your life a little easier leading up to the big day, start packing straight away, even if it´s still a few weeks away. Get organised and pack a room up each day. Not only might it help to reduce the stress but you may even enjoy it! Mark each box with its contents and the eventual room destination at your new home. Try and throw away anything you no longer need. Take the opportunity to get rid of some old clothes. Come on, are you really going to get in to those purple hot pants, let alone ever wear them out again?!?! Last but not least don’t forget to pack a box separately with anything you might need immediately upon your arrival at your new home. Kettle. Mugs. Teabags. Milk. Sugar. Spoon. Good luck! So you can start packing sooner rather than later!
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