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No-one likes forking out on insurance every year but you always need it the year you don’t.

The same axiom applies when you buy removal boxes. You may get away with cheap boxes for moving home but don’t be surprised to discover breakages when you unpack.

It’s stressful enough moving house without worrying whether your possessions have PROPER PROTECTION in transit to your new home.

You may also be tempted to save money on used removal boxes. Again, you might get away with it if they’re just second hand (not third or fourth) but how do you actually know? BETTER TO BE SAFE NOT SORRY.

Boxes for Moving Home only sells brand new INDUSTRY STANDARD MOVING BOXES.

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It’s often hard to work out HOW MANY PACKING BOXES YOU NEED FOR A MOVE. If you’re buying last minute, order more rather than less. If you’re organised and have plenty of time, you can always come back for more.

Again, you may be tempted to save a few pennies here and use one size removal box but it might prove to be false economics. If you’re a student moving halls you can probably get away with it but ONE SIZE RARELY WORKS FOR EVERYONE.

Boxes for Moving Home sells four sizes, all standard across the removal industry. Each big enough to do its job but not too big that you can’t pick it up when it’s full.

In the end YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR so don’t be seduced by headline quantities and prices. Check the size of each removal box and its thickness.

Impossible deals are often just that and include cheap removal boxes that serve little purpose other than to inflate the quantity whilst reducing the price.


Only a fool learns from his own mistakes. THE WISE MOVER learns from the mistakes of others.

SPACE COSTS MONEY. A bigger house costs more. A bigger garden costs more. It’s the same with space in storage or on a removal van.

Double wall removal boxes may cost a little more but they’re strong enough to safely stack on top of each other. The best removal boxes are also modular with one another so they KNIT TOGETHER NEATLY allowing you to maximise space either in storage or on the van.

REPUTABLE REMOVAL COMPANIES use strong reliable boxes for moving home because they know it makes sense. Anything less might cost you a lot more in breakages later on so why risk it?

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Wherever you decide to buy your boxes for moving home, don’t just look at on site reviews. Take refuge in THIRD PARTY REVIEWS. In fact, search the company name with the word REVIEWS for a truly balanced reflection of any service.

Boxes for Moving Home recently retained its PLATINUM TRUSTED STATUS for consistently delivering great service over a three year period.

We use EMAIL & WHATSAPP to communicate with you and the courier. We’ve found a written record really helps resolve any issue much faster.

We also take great pride in our speedy replies. Try it, SAY HELLO and see how fast we say hi back!


At Boxes for Moving Home we want to make delivery easy for you and the courier driver.

93% ARRIVE ON TIME the next working day provided we receive your order before 1pm (Mon/Fri).

As soon as your order has been processed you receive a notification from the courier with an expected delivery date. If you’re not going to be in, you can change this date or instruct the driver to leave it with a neighbour (or in a safe place).

On the day you then receive another notification from the courier with an estimated time for delivery. You can even request an alert so you receive a text when the driver is one stop away!

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